Lesley Marlene Siegel lives and works in Los Angeles, CaliforniaApartment Living Cartoon



2003 "Apartment Living is Great" Outré Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, July
1994 "Tell-Tale Signs" The Art Store Gallery, Los Angeles




"Boston Court Theatre" 4th Annual Art Exhibition, Pasadena  

"Tiki Art Now!" The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco

1998 "Strange Air" Fall Show, Miracle Mile, Los Angeles
1997 "GEN ART Winter Exhibition" Christie's, Beverly Hills
  "Downtown Lives! 97" University Club, Los Angeles
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  "Domestic Setting - The Sequel" Fine Arts Lobby, 7th Street, Los Angeles, Organized by William Radawac
  "Domestic Setting" POST, Los Angeles, Organized by William Radawec
  "100 Dollar Show" POST, Los Angeles
1996 "Muse X Editions & GEN ART Present" Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica
  "ArtWorks 96" Mack Sennett Stage, Los Angeles
  "Details Magazine Presents GEN ART" Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills
  "100 Dollar Show" POST, Los Angeles
1995 "GEN ART New Talent" Kantor Gallery, Los Angeles, Curated by Melissa Chappell
  "Greatest Hits" TRI Gallery, Los Angeles
  "VeraCity" Cal State Los Angeles Art Gallery, Los Angeles
1993 "Crossing LA: Home, Place, Memory" Museum of African-American Art, Los Angeles
  "LACPS Eighth Annual Auction" G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, Santa Monica
1992 "Art Grab" Randall Scott TBA Gallery, Santa Monica
  "Doug Edge, Lesley M. Siegel, Dani Tull" TRI Gallery, Los Angeles
  "Homesite" Curated by Joyce Dallal & Lauren M. Kasmer, Los Angeles
  "Urban Scape, Rural Scape" Downey Museum of Art, Downey
  "It's A Wonderful Life" Gallery 817, Los Angeles
1991 "1%" Parker-Zanic Gallery, Los Angeles
1990 "The Photographic Spectrum" The Art Store Gallery, Los Angeles




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2003 "Apartment Living is Great" Outré Gallery Publishing, 48 pages


2008 Metro Art Station Finalist, Metro Expo Line, Culver City Location
1993 "Emerging Artists" Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies & Olson Color Expansions


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Los Angeles, May 30


Bachelor of Arts Degree, San Francisco State University

Associate of Arts Degree, Santa Monica College

Photography Studies at Otis College of Art & Design